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Permalink Posted by captaincrunch on , attached to 2011-07-03
captaincrunchsuper-ball ix had it... you know that thing that you wished you had but a couple of years ago. that feeling. it was there. you didn't have to search for it. it found you. I must say i felt and feel lucky to have made it.
it was blissfully small and yet remarkably huge. it felt open. it felt free.
now this festival didn't have any huge "band significance".. ( first festy since... last festival ever... ) it didn't need it. maybe it was the weather... maybe it was song placement... but if you had any ANY really tough songs you'd been chasing .. chances are if you were there you checked a few off that list.
it felt good.. the whole vibe was this big phamily barbecue, complete with a healthy dose of americana. this night was spectacular.
watkins glen is a great venue and that's why it was so well protected.
twas such an honor for phish to have gotten the nod to play there in the first place, truly. glad i caught it... but i guess by the sounds of it, because it was soo chill; it may be the precursor to many more events like it at the track.
until next time i guess it's hotel's motel's and couches.... phish festivals are THE festivals.
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