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Permalink Posted by TheStee on , attached to 2011-07-03
TheSteeI wish I would take the time to write a serious review because I felt that this was a great Phish weekend. I traveled up and down the east coast, hung out with family and friends, did a shit load of driving, and caught 8 sets of Phish--7 of them live. To top it off, I didn't camp out at Watkins where Phish played and I didn't pay a dime to Phish (except I am downloading the sets from I had an amazing time!

I couldn't make it to NY. I tried to make it happen, but I couldn't. However, The Bunny on XM was brilliant. My highlights were the 'Simple' on night one. I thought the 'Quinn' was pretty nice as well. The entire Set I on Saturday was nice because I was lounging in a pool the whole time. But musical highlight from that set, I would have to say 'Monkey Man'. Set II that day I loved. 'Birds' and 'Stash' were completely ripping. Then, the extremely complicated 'Horn, Ice, Mango, Rift' section, especially Rift. Trey was fumbling a bit during 'Mango Song'. I could believe he blasted into 'Rift' right after. And they killed it. Plus, SASS and Antelope. Man.

Set III had a nice little descent into madness. They were really pushing it, yet not completely nailing it, until Tweezer. Then, I just felt this relaxed vibe where there were no worries. It sounded raw. It sounded new. Then, the 'Twist' I felt was one of the absolute best songs played all weekend. Everybody in sync, relaxed, playing what I think most of us like. Pure Phish music.

Day 3. I can agree with the other reviewer. The 'Wilson' and 'Mound' had amazing moments. For me the 'Mound' in particular. I can't wait to go back to it. Trey's stuff had a real familiar sound. Like a classical piece or an old rock legend solo. But, the Reba moment was nice too. Strange though. It was like things were unraveling. Ever since that 'Mango Song' but they were working their asses off to keep it together and make sure it was humorous when they were starting to lose it. SET II was the best set of all, in my opinion. They destroyed the whole time. In a more perfect world, they might have cut 'Meatstick' and 'Stealing Time' (if they had to cut anything) for a 'YEM' but 'Disease' thru 'WTU?' was IT. I was so tired from traveling and working that I should have been passed out, but it worked so well and kept me on.

Great work, Phish.

Now I gotta try to get my own jam on!!
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