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Permalink Posted by IEnjoyYourself on , attached to 2011-06-10
IEnjoyYourselfFor anyone whose downloaded the recording of the show who's listened to it almost all the way through....

Am I not the only one who wanted to desperately to strangle to death the guy who kept yelling out ''PSYCHO KILLER'' every 2 fucking minutes?

Did it take away from anyone else's enjoyment, cause at least for me during their pauses between verses in Furry Creature... , it really hurt my enjoyment of the song, which, for the first time ever hearing it (not including hearing it at the actual show), I was both blown away and stunned at how awesome a song that was.

Either way, I sincerely hope that asshole was dealt with like Mike was by the Hells' Angels backstage years back (too soon?).
Score: 3

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