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Permalink Posted by erhunt05 on , attached to 2011-07-01
erhunt05Just finished listening to the live stream on by the way thank you livephish/sirius/xm and/or everyone else involved, really means a lot to us fans not able to make it to the ball! This is my first review by the way but as much time as I spend listening to phish and reading other reviews I felt like I should give my two cents.... First set was pretty strraight forward, everything sounded good but nothing mind blowing...

Gin was great along with all the other ones this tour. Life On Mars? was a really good bust out, Possibly the best Wolfman's of the tour really funky! Definitley the best Quinn I've ever heard!

Second set was great but along with other shows/jams this tour... felt like the rug was pulled out from beneath it's feet.

Started Off with Crosseyed> Chalkdust that soared, Sand was great 2nd only to the 6/19 Portsmouth version that was amazing. Mike's was good pretty much straight forward 3.0, it really took off during Simple. I don't know about anyone else, but I felt a jam of the tour coming with a Simple> What's The Use? Was that just me or did anyone else hear that coming? Kind of let down with a countoff into Bug, but this a very smoking Bug. The Horse> Silent In The Morning? hated to see that pop up in the second half... Weekapaug blazed..... Joy, Character Zero.... always enjoy a Show Of Life encore...

A wonderful start to night one of Superball, this show had the potential to be up there with the best of Leg 1 but we still have 5 sets left so keep it going guys I'll keep listening! ......... By the way does anyone know what time first set starts tomorrow??
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