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Permalink Posted by axpstanz on , attached to 2011-06-04
axpstanzand now the counterpoint ... me and my buddy just did not like this show at all.

Loved the Kill Devil, Guyute, FYF start. Rocket in My Pocket was good on re-listen, but the rest was nothing special. 3.0 Tubes and Antelopes do not do it for me, not enough tension and release, too short.

Had high hopes for the Birds opener but it was shut down before it got interesting. Possom was kind of cool. I thought Steam was a total set killer. Piper was rushed and out of place. Sneakin Sally was out of place. It was short other than a bunch of noise on the end. The Harry segment was good. Zero is Zero. A Slave encore worked to stamp this show as a mellow one.

I rank this in the bottom 10 of the 50 or so I have seen.

Jaded? maybe. I liked Cincy much more than this show.
Score: -5

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