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Permalink Posted by nichobert on , attached to 1999-07-15
nichobertThe jam after Kung contains a really long take on a Split Open & Melt jam, which seems to start up around 7 minutes with the band starting to weave towards a "normal" Melt ending, which then mellows out- but from 8 until 11 minutes (on the really nice source thats on the spreadsheet) it's unquestionably a Melt jam. This then continues to sound "Melty" to varying degrees until about 15:00 in.

I'd write this setlist as
II: Meatstick> Split Open & Melt -> Kung -> Split Open & Melt*> Bouncin

* Unfinished

Maybe ->Jam -> Melt2 -> Jam> or ->Jam-> Melt Jam or just Melt Jam? Not sure how would notate it, but i'd say it's worth a relisten to see how you guys would treat it. Amazing improv all over this set, I really like the way it flows as a cohesive whole. The Kung is super intense! Interesting but perfect Bouncin' placement!
Score: 2

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