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Permalink Posted by newbornelph on , attached to 2011-06-10
newbornelphFirst time i was seeing them in a couple years and it was rad! It took 27 shows but I finally got my "MULE" Work fucked me up so I didn't get in until "STASH" Loved hearing "Guelah Papyrus" and "Curtain With"! tray pretty much butchered "Sloth" but other than that I thought the first set was def nice (at least what I heard) 2nd set was fun as hell. "Free" was outstanding Mike. "Fluffhead" was spot on but not a whole lot improv from what I can recollect. I did think it would be over about 4 times because they played 4 set closers. Great show to see after a couple years of missing them. Got back with my peeps at speaker 2 and danced our asses off! Love you guys!
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