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Permalink Posted by Harold_of_the_Rocks on , attached to 2011-06-11
Harold_of_the_RocksLast night was a ton of fun. Lot scene was pretty chill, considering HoCo's finest were out in force like they usually are at MPP.

While very familiar with Phish's music, last night was only my 6th show (I'm an old crusty Dead Head who never jumped on board until 09). Caught a lot of firsts last night... Daniel, Access Me, Vultures, Sand, Roses, On your Way Down, Waves, ABQ, and Wading. Loved all my firsts, 'cept Wading. I get Wading, it's just too repetetive and slow for me.

Last night had a "Saturday night" setlist feel to it, with lots of classic hits. I'm still too much of a noob to be sick of AC/DC Bag, Wilson, Antelope, Chalk Dust, or even RandR. Love those tunes!

The band was on. I couldn't pick out a flub if it was wearin' a tee shirt that said, "Hi, I'm a flub". I don't drink, I'm pretty critical, and consider "listening for flubs" part of the concert "sport".

Highlights for me: AC/DC bag, Vultures, Sand (good jam), Roses, Reba (nailed it), Antelope (very high energy), Birds (I love Birds), Tweezer, Chalk Dust, RandR, 2001, Faulty Plan and Suzy (high energy).

Another highlight was watching John K from Furthur try to pretend he could traverse the MPP parking lot without being recognized and stopped every 5 feet to shake people's hands. Sorry John, time to break out the fake mustache. John K and his wife stopped and shook every outreached hand. What would Jerry do (sorry, couldn't resist).

Lowlights: The mellow songs! They weren't played bad, I just can't stand when the energy from a show comes crashing down on me. With so much energy about, even Horse, ABQ, and Velvet Sea couldn't bring me down.

Can't wait for tonight.....
Score: 3

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