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Permalink Posted by outphishing on , attached to 2011-06-10
outphishingFirst, I wanna give a kudos to ck5, tonights lights were amazing, best I've seen in a long while.
Overall I feel this show was a tail of two sets. The first set was amazing, the only thing I can say was suspect was a not so impressive stash. I did not expect rocky top, or mikes, they were awsome, especially the jammed out weekapaug. Tube was on fire, shy did they end it so fast? A mother and daughter I chatted with before the show had a sign for mule and was really happy they got it. Last, I really liked the curtain, nice smooth, concise.

Set two had some ups but not like,set one. Disease>fire was excelent. Possum was good for the 6th time in last 7 shows I've seen... my highlight was swept away/steep... WHAT a jammed out steep, amazing.

I give it 3.5 great first set, pretty good seccond
Score: 1

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