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Permalink Posted by JARdale on , attached to 2011-06-08
JARdaleGolden Age was in pretty much every jam in the 2nd set. Weirdest 1st set I have ever seen. Total left field. Trey was picking tunes off signs in the front that people had for a bunch of the 1st set. The dude with the Buffalo Bill sign lost his shit. Funny stuff. Dog into Brian & Robert really had me scratching my head. Highlights of the 1st was KDF and 46 Days.... really killer jams and high peaks. 2nd set had some stellar moments but was up and down... Fast Enough and What's the Use really dropped the energy that was built up by the previous songs... but they built it up from Theme and the rest of the set was killer. Great jamming. I'm still not really sure how I feel about this show overall. There were flow issues but some of the stuff was top notch. I have to listen to it again. Nice to get the free download.
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