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Permalink Posted by weekapaugrooven on , attached to 2011-06-07
weekapaugrooven'09 - "relative newbie"...You're about as new as they come haha. But no worries, we all started somewhere sharing in this groove. I'm just happy to see another new comer who is haplessly addicted to the road haha. Reminds me of myself ten+ years ago. I remember feeling like a guppy when I started back in '97... we've come so very far in at least as many years :) it's just too bad you missed out on europe, cypress, and the island tour...

Hope to see you at Merriweather and the Ball.

Oh and to stay somewhat on the topic of a review, the second set almost made me split open and melt. So glad the boys played Pebbles, being one of my newer favorites. the R&R>jam>Mango was absolutely white hot, even through all the lyric flubs in mango which just made it more joyful and carefree, to me anyway. The teases in antelope and Suzy capped off the show in a very positive jovial way for me, and made the show feel a little more intimate to me.

- Seany
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