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Permalink Posted by funkalunk on , attached to 2011-06-01
funkalunkHoly wow! I came out of the night before thinking "What a great way to start my Phish summer (Missed Bethel). Hell, one of the better shows I seen. In before disappointment and TTE on night two!"

And then bam! I was spectacularly wrong. In my opinion, this one blew night one away, and then some.

We start off with the First Tube opener. Yeah. What? I don't know, but it was great. A bit early, that song is better feeding off already created energy (Hence often use as a closer/encore), but I digress. Still rocked.

From there we just smooth along the first set, nothing more to say. Very balanced, very tight, a HELL of a lot of funk. Loved it.

So then it's like, calm down, calm down, we have another set. And I'm like, bring it on! And they did! Tweezer was one of the better one's I've seen (Read: Only a few) but I sadly had no idea what No Quarter was. I'm not a Zepp fan, never was, so while everyone cheered I was befuddled. That's not against the show of course, the band played the song well, I just couldn't enjoy it as much while being unfamiliar with it.

I'd mention all the other awesome, but there'd be no room left for the show's shining moment: Number Line. Oh.My.God. Starts off just standard stuff, fun bouncy Number Line, as it always is. Then they jam. And they jam HARD. Everything aligned to become something wonderful, magical.

And then it ended. Encore, nothing much to note, but hey, show was great. I wuved it, you should too.

Or not, we can all have our own opinions.
Score: 2

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