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Permalink Posted by ProfJibboo on , attached to 2011-05-27
ProfJibbooFrom the moment they came out, you could hear them playing with a particular crispness in the way they hit their peaks and lows. Mike particulars, and Trey as well. The notes were pronounced and the base was particularly deep.

While the first five songs were well played and high energy, with the exception of the smooth segue from Tweezer > My Friend, they were pretty much as written with little to no improv. But that Wolfman's was something special, a nice brief trek off the beaten path that was funky and lead perfectly into a Walk Away, which has developed into on of my favorites.

The second set was brilliant....not because of the brilliant music....but the way they did it...without many of the second set show stoppers we've come to expect. Perhaps because of the omission of the DWD's, Chalkdusts, Pipers, 2001s, Yems, Fluffs, Slaves, gave the set a unique feel. A "hey, to all of you that say our sets are uncreative and our shows have been repetitive...kiss our @sses.". The Back on the Train was intense and it lead the way for a deep funk, almost ominous Boogie on. The true surprise of the nigh was the way Waves felt like a second set masterpiece and sequeing seemlessly into Caspian was superb. The Crosseyed was the absolute highlight of my set.

My only sadness is the omission of Tweeprise. Perhaps two tonight? See you there!
Score: 8

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