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Permalink Posted by metawhy on , attached to 2004-04-17
metawhyI drove 16 hours down from the outback of eastern Oregon with my dog for these shows. Have you ever driven through central Nevada? Let me tell you it is a high elevation, barren, cold, dusty ride. I did see some brightly colored trailers in the middle of nowhere, which I found out later were whorehouses. Spent the night huddled next to my dog in the cab of the truck near a place called Ely. Woke in the AM to beautiful views of the Ruby mountains.
Damn these shows were really odd. Most people know that. Apparently Trey was out of his mind. This became very apparent to me on the last night (it takes me a while to notice these things). The show just has this crazy energy that is undeniable. Trey plays with a lot of distortion and a lot of abandon. The end of the Piper in the first set is why I keep seeing Phish... the jam out gets seriously gnarly. Second set is actually a set I will re-listen to on occasion (except Friday). It has some really good grooves in Ghost and the Wolfman's brother has a vocal jam. I was so out of it that during YEM, I thought that Trey was asking the girls in the front row, "Tongue or meatstick?!" Yea, his ego was pretty much in full effect, you know how it was!
Score: 6

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