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Permalink Posted by bigflopmoptop on , attached to 2010-12-31
bigflopmoptopGreat show from start to finish. Set I was completely random, & I never had any sort of handle on what direction they were going. Weigh was freakin' stupendous. Burn that Bridge was a nice new blues-rock song, & I really liked Gone as well. Everything was played perfectly. Ocelot was extremely impressive.

Set II was funny. In a 3-set show, I never know if the second set would have more of a 1st- or 2nd-set feel. Wilson through NICU was like a 1st set (Sand wasn't too long or crazy), then Down with Disease on was 2nd-set fashion, with each jam being completely awesome. Disease-->Ghost blew me away, and YEM Manteca was phenomenal.

Set III was a good time. After Midnight was a lot of fun & Slave was stellar. Could've been longer or crazier, but a damn fine set.
Score: 2

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