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Permalink Posted by gravitysrainbow on , attached to 2011-01-01
gravitysrainbowThe boys got off to a rockin start -- but slowed down a little after Jim. Why doesn't Jim jam out anymore? Things started to take off again during the closing of Divided where the jam brought tears to the eyes of many phans. Stunningly beautiful jam. Very classical in tenor. The boys later returned to this vibe during the closing jam of Simple. Walls of the Cave literally blew everyone's mind. It was good to hear live. For me, a first time.

The second set had potential to be the best of the year. Crosseyed had some exquisitely funky jam. In Twist, the jam was highly band-led. Trey relaxed into the skill set of his fellow bandmates and took us on a nicely subdued but nonetheless wild ride. Twist set the stage for the best track of the night: Simple. Hands down --- one of the best of all time. Got very classically minded towards the end --- like the DWD --> Bathtub Gin segue at the Great Went in 97 (but less Baroque more Romantic). Sally was epic as always but during Bowie Trey's energy level or something just collapsed. A lot of flubs. It was like he couldn't keep up. Although that was a bit of bummer --- you have to keep things in perspective. After the Simple we just partook in --- Trey could have played Bowie at half-speed and I would have still been quite pleased.

Final thoughts: Phish!!! Please don't tour in Europe this Spring. We need you in the states. Particularly in parts of these states not in the Northeast. Let's keep this thing going. Some small arenas -- some long jams. Do you think you can arrange that?

The boys are back, my friends! You heard it first here on the first of the year.
Score: 9

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