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Permalink Posted by ajcmixer on , attached to 2010-12-31
ajcmixerWhat to say? Simply said, it was the night of never-ending endings. Every song was given the Trey treatment and, no, the bottom never fell out, each and every song was given the Trey treatment and it was a treat for those that either were there live as I was or through the tube, regardless it was off the hook and overboard.

Walked in looking for my Ocelot, got it big time. Rock and Roll to end the 1st set was huge. The 46 Days in the 2nd set, ditto. The entire 3rd set, WOW! Phish on Broadway, indeed! One of the greatest songs of all time, Nights on Broadway by the Bee Gees, played as the intro music into said 3rd set told us everything we needed to know 'bout the homage that was to be paid to the World's Most Famous Arena on the night of the World's Most Famous Holiday and they didn't let us forget where we were or what we were doing there. Damm, how do they rise to the occasion? Don't know but real thankful to witness it. PHISH wins. Again.

Score: 10

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