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Permalink Posted by outphishing on , attached to 2010-12-28
outphishingI will say overall this show was a hell of a lot better than the previous nights (as usuall the 2nd night is better than the first). It was also warmer, although last night i learned a thing from monday and wore more than a t-shirt under my jacket and two layers of pants lol. I dont know if anyone else noteced, but these two shows seemed to me to be a little farmhouse heavy, great album.
kill devil falls was much better than sample. i agree with someone elses comments, all around my in my area (106) the energy and temp rose and rose through the night, people were even going topless heading towards the bottom half of the seccond set. Back to the first set... I liked hearing my mind's, on the drive down it came on in the car which made me and my company laugh. I really digged trey using that sara palin sample in alaska, that cracked me up. Did not expect to hear She Caught the Katy, i havent heard that in like a decade. it took me a while of guessing the i know that song... Wolfmans was sick and overall it was a pretty good first set. I liked it beter than yesterday.
On to the seccond set. Don't you just love a Carini set opener.... seccond time seeing one this year. Numberline had a nice jam, I loved the segue from Train to Limb, Love wedge but another bust out of frankie Says. I like that song allot, The highlight of the show for my was Hood, That jam just plain rocked, my fav hood (of the 3 i've seen) this year, and by far the best song of the worcester shows, and Bug was a nice treat, the seccond time seeing it.
Over all i thought last nights show was a great show, I had a blast, and of the 12 shows if seen this year, it is with in the top four, Now is i can get out of work and make it to msg on fri.....
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