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Permalink Posted by lumpblockclod on , attached to 2004-08-15
lumpblockclodCoventry represents almost surely the two worst shows of Phish's career by nearly any objective measure. And yet, for several reasons, they're must hear IMO. First there's the sheer awfulness of much of the shows. There's also the obvious historical importance. But there's also some moments of absolute greatness tucked away amongst the crap. The 8/15 Melt > Ghost certainly qualifies. But don't miss the 8/14 starts as a complete trainwreck yet by the end is one of the most majestic jams they've ever played. The 8/14 Bag is a top 5 all time version of that song and the 8/14 Jibboo is quite good, too. From the second night, there's not much that's worth recommending on the musical merits outside of the Melt > Ghost (though the DWD has some interesting moments), but the FEFY is one of the most memorable moments of that weekend for me....absolutely haunting.

These aren't shows you'll want to revisit often, if ever, but, if you've never heard them, you're missing out IMO.
Score: 15

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