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Permalink Posted by BittersweetBrotel on , attached to 2010-10-16
BittersweetBrotelI just want to say that 10/15 was my first Phish show, and I was lucky enough to have 10/16 as my second one. Can't begin to describe the place that Phish took me (sober the 1st night and not so much the 2nd). I was a fan of partying and listening to cool jams before, but after I saw them live.. I became a Phan. These guys have come back sounding cleaner than ever, which probably attests to them being clean in their personal lives. These guys are not rock stars, they are musicians. They are not entertainers, they have stagemanship. I am almost upset with myself that I didn't get into Phish more in my earlier years, but I am willing to ride out the Phish train as long as they still are able to perform. Fluff to 2001 almost made me cry. LONG LIVE THE KINGS OF JAM!
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