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Permalink Posted by Guyute_The_Pig on , attached to 2010-10-30
Guyute_The_PigWOW! Atlantic City was hopping on Saturday night. After a good start on Friday night, I expected high energy from this show. However, I was shocked by the experience at this most-memorable event.

The build up to 'Whole Lotta Love' in the first set was incredible. Following the long pause in 'Guelah' the Hall erupted into jubilation. That joy carried through 'Chalk Dust' and right into 'WLL'. The floor, at this point, was moving underneath the crowd and there was not a still body in the building. Having heard all of the costume rumors, I turned to my wife and said, "they aren't playing Zepp tomorrow!" 'Coil' rounded out a great, high-energy set and left me thirsty for more (music and beer!)

The second set started nicely, 'Tube' and 'Possum' are two songs I personally love shaking-it-loose to while hearing live. Following this summer's tour, I laugh when I hear 'Tweezer' or see it on a set list. This one, though, had me texting friends in DC and at the Hullaween event in Hampton saying, "Best. Tweezer. Ever. No Shit." That was when all Hell broke loose and 3.0 unloaded what has been dubbed the 'LZ CLub'. One word sums this experience up: FUCKING INSANE! (I think that was two words.)

'Heartbreaker' > 'Tweezer' > 'Ramble On' > 'Thank You' >'Tweezer' > 'Stairway' WTF! WTF! WTF! My wife peeked at me half-way through this epic medley and asked, "what in the hell is happening, what are they doing to us?"

Unfortunately, this set had two down moments. Firstly, 'Show of Life' sucked the energy out of Boardwalk Hall faster than Monica Lewinski. This was remedied two songs later when 'Good Times Bad Times' popped up and got the crowd dancing again to end the second set on a high note . The second down moment during the second set was pretty heavy and had nothing to do with the band. I was witness to the most depraved spectacle near the restroom / concession concourse in GA. A young dude, late-teens or early-twenties, was absolutely zombified and unable to respond to EMTs and Police. The poor kid got dragged out of the venue strapped to a gurney and was off to spend the rest of his Halloween weekend in the ER.

I wish him, and everyone else who was at these shows the best! That was FUN! See you all soon, hoping for a long Summer 2011 run.
Score: 2

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