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Permalink Posted by mgouker on , attached to 2010-10-16
mgoukerHmmm... this is a funny one. When I left the show Saturday night - a couple weeks ago - my memory of the show was simply blistering. The second set completely impressed me with its unusual extended improvisation (for Fall 2010 tour), but I also believed the first set was at the level of the second set of Friday's show. On listening to it again, there were some good playing in the first set, principally "Kill Devil Falls" (an average version, which is nearly always good), "The Curtain With" (nailed - some of the best playing of Fall 2010 period), "David Bowie", and "Sneakin' Sally", but much of the rest is pretty messy. "Sand" and "Pebbles and Marbles" are the next tier, but they don't hold up to the rest of the playing of the tour. Sand is always nice, but this one was just getting going when it left me hanging. "Pebbles and Marbles" is a nice song, but it needs to be played more. This one isn't messy like some have been, but it doesn't peak like it needs to - and it's funny I remember just the opposite feeling when I was watching the band rip it up. Distortions... "Mango Song" is pretty messy and it's lack of luster grimes up a lot of the set. They sounded like they were really struggling there. It needs to be practiced more (the Manchester one was better fortunately).

So, the first set was disappointing after listening again. It's a bit less than I had hoped, but still has some great moments.

Now I have the complete opposite reaction with the second set. It is even better than I thought it was. Definitely this is some of the best music of the tour. C&P is excellent, Dirt is nicely played, Fluffhead (again NAILED!), ASZ sounds good (short but like a 94 ripping 2001), and the Tweezer is much, much better than I remember - nice jamming around the 9 minute mark. The Show of Life also sounds *EVEN* better placed here. All the transitions sound great. I REALLY, REALLY like this set. Then YEM is about average for the tour (which means good but not crushing) and there is nothing subdued about the encore either.

This second set is "must be heard" for me. The Fall 2010 is all pretty good and there are a lot of great moments, but this 10/16 show distinguishes itself with fearless exploration that we didn't get much of (not complaining here) and wonderful tension/release (with Dirt and Show of Life giving us time to breathe).

Anyway, in case it's not blatantly obvious, I really like this one. I want more. LOL
Score: 2

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