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Permalink Posted by IdRatherBeOnTour on , attached to 2010-10-30
IdRatherBeOnTourJust got back to hotel. WOW Insane show!! Sick glowstick war during Guelah Papyrus pause that got the crowd rocking! The Zeppelin theme made the vibe/energy levels blow the roof off! 1st HA HA HA, thank god!!

My 51st show and easily the top 4! My 1st, Big Cypress 2nd, my first show Vernon Downs 98, 3rd Deer Creek 2000 (Zeppelin-Moby Dick night) 4th Tonight.

FYI, I wore my 2000 Phish Deer Creek Shirt tonight that I've never worn to a show and BAM Zepplin again allllllllll night!! 1st show I ever saw they played Ramble On, 304 shows later the 2nd time ever!! 1st Stairway EVER!! The set list on paper doesn't even begin to explain how awesome this show was. Listen yourself and you will wish you were there!!
Score: 7

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