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Permalink Posted by Mr_Miner on , attached to 2010-10-22
Mr_MinerAll I can say is that I loved this show from the opening bass bombs of DWD to the final echos of first tube. The first three songs of DWD > Funky Bitch > Fluffhead set the stage for a night that was going to be filled with energy and exploration.

RnR > Carini set the bar high for a 2nd set that was filled with tight jams and big songs with Sanity being the most psychedelic moment of 3.0 for me.

Being a Rhode Island gig you could bet that they were going to deliver a Weekapaugh and the Suzy Greenberg was a nice touch and was the launching point to some inspired jamming with the Light > CZ > 2001 run.
Score: 3

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