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Permalink Posted by sfadden30 on , attached to 2009-06-06
sfadden30this would of been only my 2nd Phish show after the Boston 2003 show , so i was very excited about going , being in my early 30s i hadnt drank much at a show since the 90s and hadnt smoked any weed in about 6 years so i bought a big bottle of Merlot ,drank it before we even walked in and had a few hits of a joint , as i walked in i started feeling dizzy , sat down in my seat and with in 5 minutes threw up all over the seat in front of me & i think some got on the guy in front of me , it was a great grilled prime rib too --after a few minutes i got the spins and my friend says are you gonna make it , i said NOPE !!!_ give me your keys - i walked all the way back to the lot open the door and fell asleep in the front seat , i thought maybe it was food poisoning or who knows but that was a first for me for sure , i can still remember hearing all the songs in the distance while i lay in the fetal position in the car , and of course i was rassed by my buddy when he got back , i felt so bad that he had to watch the show alone , --WTF !!!!
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