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Permalink Posted by gigrant on , attached to 2010-10-16
gigrantAfter a long hiatus of my own, this was my return to live Phish. Great town to do it in too. I'm not going to comment on how rough the scene has gotten after all these years though so don't expect me to start ripping on the rude obnoxious idiots that seem to increase in numbers from tour to tour...

Set 1 was a disaster. Curtain With was incredible (but there was no segue into Mango or from Mango into Sand so don't expect any jamming when you listen to this show). Mango was butchered as bad as any song disaster I've experianced. I hope they practice the chorus before trying it again live. Sand had a great jam in it and Pebbles and Marbles was nice. But the band was not on the same page during set one. Trey was lost, totally lost. Honestly, listen to Curtain and skip the rest of this set.

Set 2 was as good as 1 was bad. The Crooseyed was INCREDIBLE. Fluffhead was very strong as well (but there was no segue into 2001....) and the intro to 2001 was spacey as heck. Tweezer was powerful. A great second set and a nice recovery from the set one trainwreck. If you are into Fall of '94, December of '95, or Fall '97 shows, then this isn't your show.
Score: -4

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