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Permalink Posted by ThatPhan on , attached to 2010-10-15
ThatPhanTo be plain and simple, this show started off great and ended that way as well. PYITE, was a very welcomed opener. Possom fit very well afterwards, keeping the energy building, a very solid Gin followed. After Dr. McConnell came out to do Bill Baily, is where the set went from already good, to literaly legendary. A very funky Boogie On, with Mike giving a brief bass throwdown with his sick effect hes been blowing up lately. After 70 some shows, I was more than thrilled to get my first Destiny Unbound, nice quick and high energy. Keeping with the faster paced, move through the song in lightning pace, came BDTNL, unlike the 2 or 3 from the summer that just took off with the jam(Blossom, and JB versions) this one was fairly straight to the point, but just super high energy at this point. With the band feeding off the crowed as much as the crowed feeding off the band. When this happens you know your, in the moment, in the mix. A Bouncing that the crowed actually welcomed, followed by a pretty normal stash. I was excited to hear Joy live, seeing how I hadent caught it yes, and it was a really nice cleanly played, and beautiful version as well. Throw in a short Buffalo Bill, and Dog Faced Boy, then a screaming to end the set Antelope, and this makes for one of the best, if not the best 1st set ive ever been a part of. Simply because the energy that was in the band and the crowed. Just an amazing set of great throwdown music.

After lingering for a few seconds, Mike hit the lines for Disease, and this one was right on, a very nice jam at the end, even hitting a little ambience feel at the end, the segue into Caspain was really nice and smooth. Twist would be next with some exeptional work from Trey on this one. Roses are Free would be next, well played, and keeping the energy high. My Friend was pretty cool, included trey using his mic stand for a slide at one point.

From Mikes on was great, I just thought the flow was lost a little at times. A little indeciviness I think, nonetheless, it was cool they threw a Mexican Cousin in the middle. The Slave to end the set was beautifully played and had some nice interplay between Trey and Page.

For a show with so much energy, I suppose Character Zero was fitting for the encore. All in all no complaints for this show. 1st set alone was worth the price of admission for me. I would say this was the highest energy level show I have ever been a part of, and proud to have been a part of it. Top notch show here, a must hear!!
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