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Permalink Posted by EVaNBeLOW on , attached to 2010-10-16
EVaNBeLOWHard to choose where to start on this one. The lot scene to my surprise was very chill. We left the lot around 530 to get a good spot in line. We had been very close the first night and were on a mission to repeat that. I was close enough to see each band member and they all had smiles the whole time. The energy in this hockey rink was incredible due to a mixture of a fire set list from top to bottom, unbelievable lights (thank you CK5!), SC phans starving for phish, and the rest of us who came from all over to see the boys rock the South like they always day.

Kill Devil Fall- Right out the gates I was pumped and had an ear to ear smile, i really like this song as an opener, it has a very similar effect to chalkdust and definitely gets the crowd moving right out of the gates.

Guehlah- In this era Guelah has been very rare so definitely appreciated this one. Love the end when Trey and Mike do there little jig. Song definitely cooled us down for what was in store....

Curtain With - Someone had a sign for this the night before. Loud screaming followed by smile. From here on the band was on a mission. I remember hearing the opening riff and thinking hollly shit this is happening, and then immediately wondering could there be a with. Then it came. The whole band was on point during this whole song. Not only was this unexpected but then

The Mango Song- fired right into this one, another unbelievable surprise, really enjoyed dancing to this one.

Sand- Still smiling? Are you kidding me? OF COURSE Curtain With>The Mang Song>Sand...I couldn't even dream of that. Trey lights this jam up and then I started to realize I was witnessing definitely the best show of 2010, if not the best show of 3.0. I'm not saying this as someone who listened to three shows this summer. I have listened to the whole summer tour and this was without a doubt the best Phish I had heard. I digress....

Limb by Limb- I love this song and until this point had never seen it in person, so my smile continued. Trey again was on fire for this solo, and it was everything I could've wanted out of limb.

Sneakin' Sally through the Alley- dance parties make me smile. Trey on fire here. Shit Trey was on fire the whole night.

Uncle Pen- rockin roll/bluegrass fusion hoe downs make me smile too

Pebbles and Marbles- First Round Room song I had seen live, and boy did they nail it. I think at this point it is safe to say that 6 of the 11 songs from the first set were bustout/rare songs.

Cavern- thought this was the set closer for sure, and was thrilled. Trey had some great fills. Love this song.

David Bowie- Like I said before thought Cavern was closing first set, and thought at first they were going into Maze and was so pumped, but always love Bowie too.

Cross Eyed- They really picked up right where they left off with this one, great jamming and great set 2 opener that no one expected.

Dirt- Love this song, and was needed after the 16 minutes of high energy from Cross Eyed.

Fluffhead- really smooth segue here. This is one of those songs I could hear at every show and would never complain. I was definitely pleasantly shocked as they had played it in Broomfield. The arrival is a great display of Trey and where he is now.

2001- very funky intro by Page, with some good jamming. The one I caught in Raleigh felt a lot shorter, this one had some serious groove to it.

Tweezer- short but sweet, love tweezer Period.

Show of Life- I really like this song, and it was a great contrast to everything that we had just heard, and a great way to cool as down before the always reliable...

YEM- not much to be said, this song is always amazing to see, love watching the trampolines, trey dancing, mike dropping bombs, glowsticks, everything except knowing that this was the end to set 2.

I Been Around- side note this was very cool because a girl was holding a sign that read "no glowsticks on stage" under that she wrote "I Been Around". Never had even heard them play this. It still gives me chills as I listen to the download, as does much of this concert.

Quinn the Eskimo- Two bustouts in the encore...

Tweezer Reprise- of course this was coming, but love it everytime

As I said before in my opinion this is the best Phish of 2009-2010 so far. As excited as I was for the rest of fall tour before this has multiplied that by 100 as the boys have gotten better and better. From when they first got back to fall tour 2009 to summer tour 2010 to second leg to fall it has been amazing watching them progress. If you like Phish download was really a special show.
Score: 5

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