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Permalink Posted by mjrphishhead on , attached to 2010-10-16
mjrphishheadThis was my first show and it was amazing! I was slightly disappointed with the first set but The Curtain, Sneakin Sally, and Cavern>Bowie were all stellar, especially Cavern>Bowie. First set: 3.5 stars

I knew the second set would be spectacular and it was. Crosseyed and Painless was just awesome. Dirt was good, but I lost it when Trey started playing Fluffhead. Fluffhead was definitely the highlight of the show for me and it segued into a funky 2001 which was awesome. I knew Tweezer was coming up next and it was. Mike tore it up. Show of Life was ok and again I called the next song which was YEM. absolutely incredible. set two: 4.5 stars

the encore started out nice with Page showin his pipes on I Been Around. Quinn the Eskimo was a very nice treat, and Tweeprise blew the roof off. the boys did great and the crowd was awesome. great venue btw. great show. cant wait till the boys come south again.
4 stars
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