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Permalink Posted by quincydog420 on , attached to 2010-10-12
quincydog420Didn't make the first two shows so I can't really compare, but 3rd night was quality, yeah there were some slow new tunes, but overall that place was gettin down, and all the haters out there that wrote on phish's facebook page should download that show, I listened to it last night, they sounded pretty tight, Carini> Bowie second set was insane, and the split open to close, rippin'. Now after knowing the trapped miners were being released during the second set Light>Theme from the bottom>Free> Joy was sick. I'm not a huge fan of Theme, but sickest version i've ever seen, I got the chills when I was at this show. wasn't the Best show I've ever seen, but certainly not the worst. I'm no rookie either, be seein phish since '93, was at '94 halloween, '95 new years run, all the festivals'96-'99, most east coast shows during that period, then moved to Colorado in '01, and didn't get to see them again til Telluride this year, so all the people hatin' on Phish maybe need a break, my life is rejuvenated again, seein them gives me buzz, so the can play what ever the hell they want. If you thought that show was lame then it sucks to be you.
Score: 5

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