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Permalink Posted by Hendrix_Phishinfloyd on , attached to 2010-10-08
Hendrix_PhishinfloydFirst of all, Frankster, get over yourself, no one cares about your opinion of Texas. Texas loves Phish, and they should come back more frequently, despite your random bitching. Texas deserves Phish more than it deserves you, so just stay out next time and do us all a favor.

Now on to the show. 15th for me, and a very tight one indeed. As mentioned up top, no outlandish jamming, but that was to be expected as this wasn't really a Phish show, but a chance for the unknowing to get a /taste/. When Slightly Stoopid ended, there was alot of stepping in, and random nudging people out of the way to get as close as possible up front, and that was kind of a drag, but not a ruin by any means.

I was hoping for a Tube or a Punch opener, but prepared for a safe one like Runaway. Pleasantly surprised by DWD, great guitar work from Trey. Mike and fish were one during this show as you've probably noticed. Cities and Wolfman's got me thinking that the setlist itself was going to look pretty good on paper. The 2001 officially melted my face, despite it's short nature. the lights are extremely powerful aspect of the show. See some videos online, check it out.

YEM was PHEE-NOMI-NAL! No two ways about it, all 5 guys (inc Koruda) on point and came to throw down. Tramps had my wife stunned (first show for her) and the bass & drums to end it were simply mind-melting. There were points in the show, Hood for example, where they all hit the down beat with a precision rarely seen by a group of musicians; you could feel the stops in music, between beats/notes..Breath-taking. I sincerely hope that alot of people who have not heard of Phish had a chance to wander over and see what it's about.

Texas. Loves. Phish. Plain and /simple/. ALOT of people here would like nothing more than having them coming back to play some more, myself def included! It's not about what you like or don't like about a state, it's about the music. Remember how many memorable shows have taken place in Utah, and most prefer not to step in that state either. There is a ton of support in Texas for them boys!
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