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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 2010-10-08
waxbanksConcise festival show to warm the band up, but there's a little bit of Awesome in there to be sure. No long-form open-ended jams, just compact, extra-hot performances.

Wolfman's Bro is superb - holy cats, check out Trey's restrained-then-wailing solo; 2001 is as brief as the rest of the post-hiatus versions, but rich nonetheless; a very delicate Hood gives way unexpectedly to a gnarly Light reminiscent of Jones Beach; Suzy builds a head of steam in just a few moments (go Page) (and by the way, has everyone's singing improved for this tour? are those actual harmonies I hear?); and YEM is on par with its other excellent 2010 performances, with a very fine Page solo, some wise playing from Trey, and a THUNDEROUS climax to the full-band funk/rock jam. Swell vocal jam too.

Jon Fishman you are a god now.

I'd never give this show to someone wondering What's Up w/This Band Phish I've Heard About (I'd go to 12/14/95, 6/14/00, 12/6/97, 2/28/03...first), but (HERE IS THE THING) joyfully intense 'Type I' playing is how Phish made their name 20 years ago, after all. Right? They said they were going back to the beginning and that's what they've done, with all the accumulated wisdom of decades on the road.

And if these songs are nowhere near the proggy insanity of Phish's pre-funk material in terms of harmonic/rhythmic complication, the exuberance and empathy on display are sure to have won a convert or two down in Austin. It's not as if Phish are hurting for fans, but the indie kids are welcome into the tent too, if they can control their fashion hair.
Score: 6

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