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Permalink Posted by RunawayJim4180 on , attached to 1983-12-02
RunawayJim4180While I certainly wasn't at this show, I found the "Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain" show closer on Grooveshark the other day. There is some great banter with the crowd at the beginning of "Scarlet" where a girl is heard talking to someone in the band (presumably Jeff, as it doesn't sound like Trey), asking what they are playing next. She clearly has never heard of Scarlet, as they repeat the song name to her at least three times. She then asks "Do you guys know any slow songs at all, even one?! Play something we can dance to!" Trey noodles a little "Back in Black" to drown her out, then says in an exasperated tone "This is by request!" before launching into Scarlet. A great piece of Phistory to listen to!
Score: 21

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