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Permalink Posted by MiguelSanchez on , attached to 1998-07-15
MiguelSanchezthis is one hot show in one hot tour. wolfman's and moma bring the funk early in the show. a nice little jam out of horn works well into chalk dust. ctb, boaf, and loving cup in the first set in fine form.

then the fire works start. limb by limb gets things going, as this one works nicely into simple. simple does not "tweedle out" like it typically does. instead, it rocks right into tweezer. this tweezer jam gets nice and funky before they break into one of the more unlikely breakouts. they start jamming on tupac and dre's (i believe that's right) california love. surprisingly, they don't get too goofy on this one, and they get back into the funky tweezer mode. then they lift off into a very inspired free. gordon is particularly tastey here, with trey going berzerker on top of him. meat provides a somewhat unexpected cool down before they go into a really deep harry hood. page and trey take the long road while driving this hood jam to climax. wilson>tweeprise closes this one out in fine rocking form. there were some good shows on this quick jaunt up the west coast, but i think this one might be my favorite. don't miss the gorge either.
Score: 1

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