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Permalink Posted by bodyminushead on , attached to 1999-09-12
bodyminusheadWell, I don't officially credit myself for being at this show, but it is the source of a great memory.

I had tickets for both nights of the Gorge and Shoreline. After hanging out with some friends at the Gorge, my friend Bill and I took off for Shoreline. We realized that there were two shows in between Gorge and Shoreline, one of which was fairly easy to hit, but had no tickets and no real interest in trying to get in.

We drove leasiurly all day, knowing that we had plenty of time to make our destination, stopping several times to take pictures and hang out.

...All of sudden... it was show time and we realized we were in Portland... only one thing to do... must... find... the show...

However, we were still determined to not buy tickets. I don't know how we did it, but we ended up parked with a bunch of other people somewhere behind the stage. We listened to the second set on the hood of his car, smoking bowls with a few other strangers parked back there.

It was a very secluded place to watch (well, hear) the show and the stars were gorgeous. I barely remember what they played except for 2001, but I remember it being a special experience.
Score: 6

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