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Permalink Posted by harpua76 on , attached to 2010-08-13
harpua76my 23rd show, and my wife's 3rd. finally she got to hear some stuff she really wanted to hear (i didn't know, halley's, stash, mango), plus a couple firsts for me (contact, curtis loew), plus i'm always stoked to hear a slave. not to mention, i thought i heard something familiar in the segue from meatstick into mango, little did i know it was a deg tease! last year at deer creek i thought the boys had played better than any show i'd seen since big cypress, and i thought trey was a little rougher than that show this time around. but overall, i thought the jamming showed great creativity and cohesiveness, which is why i (and, i suspect, a lot of phish fans) continue to show up in the first place. but for god's sake, whose leg does a guy gotta hump to get a foam, forbin/mockingbird, bold as love, harpua, peaches, or sneakin sally? jk, love you guys, don't you DARE ever break up again! i cried at coventry, one of maybe 3 or 4x since i was a little kid, REALLY don't wanna do that again! :P
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