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Permalink Posted by climber17 on , attached to 2010-08-05
climber17i was shut out of mailorder, and had written off the tour, when a friend of friend contacted me with an extra ticket for this night. i love tour openers, enders, post-hiatus', end-of-tour festivals, etc. so knew that this night would be special. much like the first poster, ya kinda had to be there, but i will say this, especially to all the naysayers:

phish is at the top of their game

i don't mean to suggest that they are better or worse then they were in previous years, only that at this show, they were perfectly Phish

their jams, while not clocking in as long as years past, contain a concision and focus that is as equally, if not more, effective in reminding me that time and space are relative. trey is inspired, page and john are effortless (until i read his modern drummer interview, i thought that festival 8 he sounded out of practice, now i realize that he was just, shall we say...overdoing...the charlie watts thing. there was no doubt at the greek bout his chops)
AND MIKE WAS UNREAL. perfect tone, perfect grooves

perhaps i am just an incorrigable positivist

or maybe i'm right and those of you who long for better days ought to consider whether you are looking backwards or ahead...
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