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Permalink Posted by WaxBrain on , attached to 2010-08-18
WaxBrainAs someone who has been listening to a lot of 97 Fall shows lately, I can say that I was really pleased w/ the jamming last nite.
They really seemed like they were trying to branch out and create some memorable spaced out funk for every song. The first set was a little more "rock" and straight forward and slightly restrained at times, but by the 2nd set they were just letting each tune stew in it's own weirdness.
When they went into Tweezer in set 2 in like the middle of the set I said, "Wow! so Now we're gonna get down!". The jams for My Friend, My Friend, the changes of speeds and the EVIL darkness like the review above notes was pretty was really freaky and awesome. Maybe the best jam of the nite?
Oh, and Tube...Tube is ALWAYS welcome. ALWAYS.
It really was a pretty rad show. We came to the venue across the bay in a boat, and we left unexpectedly in a school bus to get dropped off at 42nd Street in NYC....weirdness. Thanks to those dudes who put the bus together... We were wandering around like 'how are we gonna get to a train now?' and out of no where theres a school bus to NYC...only on Tour folks, only on Tour....
Like Trey so lovingly noted "See you guys....on the next tour!"
Score: 2

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