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Permalink Posted by montaigne on , attached to 1998-07-21
montaigneThis was my first exposure to Arizona July heat. I remember waking up in our car after being asleep, and thinking that someone had put me into an oven.
Holy shit, people live here?
The best part? I now live in Arizona. What a strange world.

Anyways, the show. This show kicked ass. I saw 11 shows this tour, and this and 7-29-98 were my favorite ones.

Tube is just a sick jam. It's always a sick jam. But sometimes, it sicker than others. I think of Dayton 12-7-97, I think of the aforementioned 7-29-98 show (my fave version!), and then this one. There are many others, these are just the three that stick out for me.

I need to listen to it again, it has been a long time. I only know that when they played She Caught the Katy, I was running around the lawn like an absolute madman.

I also remember thinking I was one of the few people who knew what a rare treat they were getting.

Viva Montaigne.
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