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Permalink Posted by SageDabbler on , attached to 2010-08-14
SageDabblerA super short tube set the course for the first set. Very high energy, fast paced tunes. thy actullly slow it down a bit with oh kee pa before launching into suzy. suzy was awesome...once agagin high energy. funky bitch is another quick n fast one before reba. reba was stellar and it was very tight playing. fuck your face is when people were kinda realizing this was gonna be an awesome show. alaska was very good and then back on the train. an awesome tune was thrilled to hear it. taste into circus was beautiful. then lawn boy.listen to the crowd go freakin nuts during lawn boy. sparkle and gumbo were quick and fun before a fast antelope. what a set and a long one. they open with then DWD. as mike played the opening notes i knew it was going to be special. some amazing type 2 jamming here. this one can be added to best of 2010 list. then into whats the use?...are you kidding me?...then SOAM...WHAT THE HELL THIS IS NUTS was all i could think. mikes starts and i was hoping for a monster mikes groove. mikes was solid and then dirt. a real energy killler. beautifully played just poorly placed. then sally ok here we go energys buildin back up. thought we were gonna get a nice long vocal jam but they pullled out. then be honest this groove was a bit of a letdown. very well played just not up to the standards of the rest of the show. this mikes groove is outdone by its 2010 counterparts (6/29, 7/4, 8/6). then bug, which was beautifully played. quinn was a pleasant surprise for the encore. thought we were gonna get one more but i think they were savin up for night 2. overall an awesome show!
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