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Permalink Posted by aqualung23 on , attached to 1999-12-11
aqualung23So I'm just over a decade late on this review, but I want to take a crack at it because this was the best arena show I've seen these guys play. As soon as I walked into the venue I was hit by the fact that this was the most off the hook crowd I had ever seen. The lights went down just as I walked in and the crowd exploded, so much so that it became impossible to get to my actual seat...didn't matter. Trey comes out and is clearly blown away by the response, so he goes over to the guys and calls the audible for one of the few Hood openers ever. From the first notes of that tom fill to the possum encore this show was a complete gem. I can't really single anything out because the whole show was a highlight, but the mule was the tune that really floored me because I don't think most people put it up there with the bowies, hoods, YEMs, etc. The mule dule and the "here we shower ourselves in lightness" and the whole song in general was awsome. After a rediculous throwdown both sets, they come back and give as a raging 13 minute possum complete with all fall down. This show is an undisputable in-your-face to all the mid '95 groupies out there(you know who you are)...find a copy of this show right now. Seriously. Go.
Score: 3

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