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Permalink Posted by Captainebenezer on , attached to 2010-08-12
CaptainebenezerThis show is standard Classic DeerCreek madness. If you've ever been there or are there now you know it's a farm-show-Fu**-fest! The boys love playing that shed, just like the Dead did in their day.... Ahhhh Creek. A smooth Jim, standard PYITE, good and smooth Roggae still kinda just letting it drip, then Bang! Nice and tight Cars, Trucks and Buses! This first set reminded me of Creek 00 with the CTB and Buffalo Bill. This show is a little more edgy, thought Trey was a lil off during Sugar Shack. Ok, ok, here's my rant. All you people crying about TTE shut up and put up. The song rocks, and is literally a musical masterpiece. Getting real tired of people complaining about TTE, and calling it a piss song. It's one of the most composed on Joy, and the lyrics are amazing.
Drowned>Jibboo, weird segue, but turned out aight. Drowned and the Jam was simply amazing. The rest of the set speaks for itself, as well as the music. Encore is a gem, simply a Gem. Because sometimes the jewel of Deercreek speaks through the boys. The four horseman are back.
Score: 1

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