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Permalink Posted by ajcmixer on , attached to 2010-08-05
ajcmixerThree beautiful days and nights in Berkeley, started off with my favorite show/setlist/overall experience. Personal highlights were the 1st four songs of the 1st set, love Kill Devil Falls but felt this one didn't quite "get there", rest of the set was solid. Same for the 1st four songs of the 2nd set, very solid though all night long Trey seemed to be slightly underneath the general FOH mix, might have been that he was in the process of figuering out his brand-new beautiful axe. But the 2nd set really picked up for me with the Maze, Joy was beautiful and well jammed-out towards the end and the Tweezer>Fluffhead to close out the set was the dance-fest I was waiting for. The Loving Cup>Tweezer Reprise encore was totally off-da-hook and left me exhausted and smiling ear-to-ear. Though arguably it was the worst performed show of the three it still was a great show to my ears, I feel very fortunate to have jumped on the bus last year@Jessica_Jones Beach, have attended a dozen shows since through the Saturday Greek show and they're playing at such a high level that they're either great or stratospheric. Fun!

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