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Permalink Posted by markah on , attached to 2010-06-11
markahEven now that Leg I of the summer is over, Toyota Park holds up as one of the best shows of the summer. Set II opening with Light->Maze, Ghost->Limb is up there with some of the most stellar jamming from the rest of the tour. Wolfman's was especially great, and cemented Mike with an early lead in the running for MVP of the summer.

Some quick notes on the soundcheck: This is how I noted it:

new (Page?) song
new (Mike?) song
Show of Life x2
Burn That Bridge x.1.5

There were two songs that started the soundcheck in Chicago: Page sang the first song, which after hearing the 6/19 SPAC show, I'm reasonably confident was "Halfway to the Moon." I can remember hearing the bent guitar pitches while standing outside of Toyota Park that afternoon

During the new Mike tune it sounded like perhaps they were repeating sections of a song rather than running the entire thing start to finish. This may or may not have been "Idea" - it's impossible to know now without hearing it again - but it was one that Mike was singing.

Then, the 3rd song was "Show of Life" (twice) and finally "Burn That Bridge" ( and-a-half times, really).
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