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Permalink Posted by ADAWGWYO on , attached to 2003-02-14
ADAWGWYOThis show is underrated and overlooked. If it were a east coast show, it would be raved up and legendary. But it's not. Anyways, The My Sweet One opener then COTRS is a nice way to open a show. The Fee->Taste is mellow but very smooth and enjoyable. The Gin is disgusting. WOW. Instead of the usual Trey lead in to start the jam, Page takes the rein and it becomes a very funky 20 min jam session. Real nice for all you Gin fans. WOTC is nice. 2nd one ever and executed with conviction. I don't remember much of this show as I was living in the Valley at the time and all my phriends had flown into town. We took a 20 person limo over the hill to Inglewood and, well... you know how those things go. LA, Vegas, Vegas. Excellent 2.0 Phish if you asked me.
Score: 4

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