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Permalink Posted by ph_2k on , attached to 2004-08-15
ph_2kI started seeing phish in the fall of 1995. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Coventry. Until this day I don't know how I feel about it. My wife and I had tickets to every show on the final leg of the tour including Coventry. However, right before the tour started my wife broke her ankle. She was in one of those boots. We made every show from Hampton to Camden. In fact most nights she got us in the handicap section and plenty of dance space for me. Well we actually heeded Trey's advice after Camden to delay your trek to Conventry because of the conditions. We got in the line of traffic by 9 or 10 on the 13th. We litterally did not move all night. We saw people cruise up the left lane all night. I can still remember my buddy saying, "you don't want to be that guy." "all weekend camping next to the person you cut off getting into the right lane." So we hear Mike's announcement the next morning. Bummed as all get out. This can't be the way it will end? It can't be. Shut out of my first show EVER. So we do like others and pull on the median and park. What are we gonna do? My buddy and I get out and start to talk. We turn around and my wife (the one with the broken foot) is getting ready to make the hike. She is grabbing tents, coolers, bags, etc. I look at her like she is CRAZY. It was at that moment I knew. I had to make the call. She couldn't feel like she was the "reason" we missed this show. And of course it ISN'T her fault at all. It was just the way life works. We dropped my buddy off with other friends. Then we jumped back in the car and drove home. We of course got the autographed book Phish offered. Which was perfect. 94 through 2004 pretty much the years we saw them. And as luck would have it they came back anyway. In 2005 we had our first kid and in 2007 our 2nd. 2009 they come back and we saw 4 shows. 2010 3 shows. and her we go again!
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