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Permalink Posted by panic1985 on , attached to 2010-07-02
panic1985They somehow managed to open better than last night! Buried Alive - Bag - Vultures?!?! Awesome stuff. Overall the first set was very good. Mexican Cousin seemed out of place, but Stash Sparkle - Chalkdust was a great way to end a set and nearly blew the roof off.

The second set continued the first set's ass kicking as they tore up Drowned - 46 Days. After the Lizards!!! (I thought we'd have enough animals after the Vultures and Wolfman) We tried to catch our breath for a minute and then the absolute greatest thing that I've ever seen at any show by anyone ever happened. Nobody was expecting this: Carini - Fuck your face - 2001 - YEM with the best Vocal Jam I have ever heard with Proud Mary and Get Back.


Nobody can even review that, it was 100% pure awesome.

A Day in the Life isn't such a bad encore either, what a way to end the show.
Score: 1

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