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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 2010-06-22
waxbanksVery, very high-energy first set, with a *superb* KDF giving way to the imperfect-but-interesting Dr Gabel and a perfectly fine Antelope. Excellent Possum too. Set II has caused some consternation - more cockblocking from Trey, oh noes! - but everything in the set is extremely well played, and the attention-grabbing Sally > Light > 46 run links three tremendous performances with two jarring segues.

I wasn't too impressed with this Slave, truth be told, but everything around it is top-notch. (Check out the vocals in Sally and 46 Days, the filthy Sally funk, and the lovely LxL.) Pretty much everything here is superseded by what went down at Camden and Merriweather, but I'll happily return to KDF and several cuts from the second set as I drift into senescence.
Score: 3

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