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Permalink Posted by bigflopmoptop on , attached to 2010-06-26
bigflopmoptopEver since the Clifford Ball, each version of Tweezer that I would catch seemed to be growing weaker and weaker. Hampton last year at least rocked instead of meandering soullessly and aimlessly into Taste. Merriweather `09 was the dud that I had seen far too many times, but I never gave up hope. Festival 8 was a super fun rock Tweezer, but nothing too out there. Merriweather of this year had to be the best I've seen since Plattsburgh; and if it weren't for the acrobat, I'd say tonight was the best I've ever seen. High energy and incerdibly warped. Nothing short of thrilled that they tapped back into the majesty this song can wield. Phish is on fire right now. Everything they are playing seems so random and perfect. I had me one hell of a weekend.
Score: 3

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