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Permalink Posted by ThinMan on , attached to 2010-06-25
ThinManThere was much energy and excitement carrying over from the stellar Thursday night show and things started incredibly well. Through Army of One the show was off to a great, great start -- then the train fell off the tracks and never recovered (although they tried hard and were playing very, very well at some points). The remainder of the 1st was a boring list and the energy never returned. I found myself sitting alot and never could get into it.

It was a good call to come out with an upbeat song with Chalkdust and this was nicely extended and Trey did some nice work with this. Nothing that blew me away, but it was just nice. I love Caspain so everything was fine at this point, but then again Trey decides to pull two 1st set songs and while nicely played, the Heavy Things and Alaska did not get the crowd enagaged. 2001 was a big highlight and it was so nice to see it blown out a bit and different from any of its 3.0 brethern. Light > Possum > Characater was well played, but again the show never got off the ground. Shine a Light is losing its cache, but was good. A very ho-hum night in Camden. No flow, bad list. 5/10.
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